MS Office Automation Training

About MS Office Automation Training

Microsoft Office or Microsoft Office System is a collection of computer programs made by Microsoft. The programs are created for all users. There are different versions of the software for home users and for business users. Microsoft Word is a word processor that lets a user type text into the document and add images, and different font or design choices. The main file formats are .doc and .docx. It also helps to check the spelling and find the meaning of words .Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet and mathematics program that can make calculations and graphs based on data the user enters. The main file formats are .xls and .xlsx. .Microsoft PowerPoint is a program that creates presentations and slideshows.They can have text, drawing, pictures and media. They can also be set up to show on a projector. Microsoft Outlook is an email client that can send and receive emails. The user can add a contact list and multiple calendars. Microsoft Access is a database program where people can store data over many tables.

Why This Course is Required

  • To make you, students/ graduates/ everyone, computer-literate
  • To equip you with data processing & office automation skills; a must in today's computerised world.
  • When you learn from our Microsoft Certified Trainers, you can be confident that what you’ll learn will be accurate, complete, and up to date.

MS Office Automation Training

  • Fundamentals of computers
  • Working with microsoft windows
  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Word
    • Microsoft Excel
    • Microsoft Power Point

  • Internet
    • E-Mail, Chatting,Surfing,Facebook,Twitter,Downlaoding.
    • Railway Enquiries,Shares & Securities ,Bulk Message , Online Gaming.

  • Multimedia
    • Songs,Movies
    • CD/DVD Writing
    • Using Web Camera
    • Printer , Scanner and Pen Drive

  • Hardware
    • Overview of Computer Parts
    • Windows and Ms office Installation

  • Project
    • Pamphlet Design Project
    • Billing Project
    • Marksheet Project

  • The Preprocessor
    • Define Macro
    • Macro declaration
    • Macro Control Directives