Numerical Analysis (NA) Coaching


This course is a foundation to the Numerical Analysis (NA). The primary objective of the Numerical method (Computer Oriented Numerical and Methods) course is to develop the basic understanding of numerical algorithms and expertise to implement algorithms to solve mathematical problems on the computer.

Matrix provide the coaching of Numerical Analysis (Computer Oriented Numerical and Methods) coaching in jaipur. Our coaching program will gives you in-depth knowledge and offers you full learning and understanding of the topics in a highly interactive manner.


1 - Preliminaries of Computing

Define Round off errors  

Floating point arithmetic  

Define Convergence

3 - Interpolation and Polynomial Method

Lagrange Polynomial method 
Divided Differences method 
Newton’s Forward-Difference method 
Backward-Difference Formulas method

5 - Numerical integration

Trapezoidal rule and Simpson's Rule 

Gaussian Quadrature 

Maclaurin method 

7 - I V P problems for ODE

Euler's method 
Taylor method 
Runge - Kutta method

2 - Numerical solution (Root finding method)

Bisection method 
Newton-Raphson method 
Regula-Falsi Method 
Fixedpoint iteration 
Define Computing roots of polynomials

4 - Iterative Methods

Gauss Jacobi Methods 
Gauss-Seidel Iterative Methods 
Guess Elimination Methodstroduction 

6 - Applied Linear Algebra

Define Direct methods for solving linear systems 

Numerical factorizations Methods 

Eigen value problems Methods

8 - Numerical linear algebra

Direct methods 

Iterative methods