Rajasthan State Certificateof Information Technology, RS-CIT is an Information Technology (IT) literacy course started by RKCL in the year 2009.It is a Government recognized program for all government jobs in Rajasthan. It has made more than 5 lac learners IT literate till date. It is the most popular IT Literacy course in Rajasthan.

Why This Course is Required

RS-CIT - Rajasthan State Certificate course in Information Technology has been approved by Deptt. of Information Technology and Communication, Govt. of Rajasthan. About the RS-CIT programme: To remove the fear of IT, RKCL has launched an IT friendly course for the people of Rajasthan. RS-CIT is a high quality and low cost IT literacy program which offers a novel curriculum, excellent study material and learning management system in local languages. A state-of-the-art delivery mechanism leads to online examination and instant e-Certification.


  • Information Technology, The Internet, and you
    • Information Systems
    • Application Software
    • System Software
    • Data and Connectivity
    • The Wireless Revolution
    • The Internet
  • E-commerce
    • Web Storefronts
    • Web Auctions
    • Security
    • Telnet
    • FTP
    • Plugins
    • Filters
  • Basic Application Software
    • Word Processors
    • Spreadsheets
    • Database Management System
    • Presentation Graphics
  • Specialized Application Software
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Image Editing
    • Audio Editing
    • Video Editing
    • Multimedia Presentations
  • System Software
    • Types of System Software
    • Operating System Functions
    • Windows
    • Mac OS
    • Unix and Linux
  • System Unit
    • System Unit
    • System Board
    • Microprocessor
    • Memory
  • Input & Output
  • Secondary Storage
  • Communication & Networks
    • Connectivity
    • The Wireless Revolution
    • Communication Systems
    • Communication Channels
    • Wireless Connections
    • Modem
    • Type sof Connections
    • Data Transmission
    • Bandwidth
    • Protocols
    • Networks and its types
  • Practicals

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