Course Content

Advance Excel

  • Introduction to M.S. Excel 2016
  • Excel Worksheet & Workbooks
  • Entering & Editing worksheet data
  • Cell range operations
  • Introducing Formulas & Functions
  • Creating Formulas
  • Use Format cells
  • Data Sorting/ Custom Sorting in multiple columns
  • Data Filter/ Advance Filter
  • Insert/ Delete Row, Column, Sheet, Cells
  • Hide/Unhide Row, Column, Sheet, Cells
  • Protect sheet & Formulas
  • Apply Custom and prebuilt conditional formatting
  • Using Number/alpha/date series
  • Flash Fill Series
  • Text to columns
  • Whatif analysis
  • Use Goal Seek
  • Data table using PMT Function
  • Data validation
  • Create and use data validation rules
  • Create and manage scenarios
  • Remove duplicate data
  • Use Outlining in Excel
  • Totals and Subtotals Total
  • Working with Functions
  • Working with Text e.g. upper, lower, proper, trim, concatenate, replace, left/right Functions etc.
  • Working with Mathematical Function e.g., Mod, Quotation, Sqrt, power, round fun. , small, large, median functions etc.
  • Logical Function such as IF, And , OR, Array etc.
  • Working with Banking Function Such as PMT, FV, PV, RATE, IRR Etc.
  • Working with lookup, vlookup, hlookup, Index functions.
  • Create & use macros
  • Create Macros Buttons in Upper, Lower functions.
  • Introduction to Chart
  • Create a simple Graph/Chart
  • Create a pivot table & Pivot Chart
  • Practical Assignment & Practical Notes

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Course Fee: 2500

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