• Gaurav Singh

    I proudly say that I was a student of Matrix Computers. I did Java and Adv. Java from Bhatia sir. Foundation laid by Bhatia sir and Matrix family has been the sole reason for the growth of my skills and Expertise, thus giving my carrer a new high.

    Gaurav Singh SKIT, Jaipur
  • Rahul Sharma

    Best place to learn programming in Jaipur is Matrix Computers. The course is taught in simple and awesome way! The assignments are given after each chapter which are designed to boost our confidence and increase our interest in programming.

    Rahul Sharma Poornima University, Jaipur
  • Aditya Jain

    My best decision in the direction of my career was joining the core Java classes of Bhatia sir at Matrix Computers. I got an indepth knowledge of all topics that helped me to excel in my interviews and projects. Thank You sir.

    Aditya Jain JECRC, Jaipur

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